Vita Kin’s vyshyvanky is the top choice of this summer, The Telegraph says

Vita Kin’s vyshyvanky is the top choice of this summer, The Telegraph says

Vita Kin’s vyshyvanky is the top choice of this summer, The Telegraph says

The traditional Ukrainian embroidery is on the top of the fashion community’s wishlist this summer. Let’s find out who are they, this mysterious designer and their discoverers.

As early as last year, Myroslava Duma was the first to appear in the vyshyvanky. This summer, Leandra Medin, a fashion blogger, posted a photo where she poses in a white flax dress, embroidered with red threads, with matching tassels, on her Instagram. Leandra probably couldn’t even think that her photo would come as a bombshell: hundreds of subscribers in the commentaries begged to tell what’s that dress and where do they buy it. Within two weeks, Anna Dello Russo and Natalia Goldenberd joined the trend. This time, the girls not only shared their images in similar attires but also the link to the brand’s account, @vyshyvanka_by_vitakin. It turned out that the creator of the unusual dresses is the Ukrainian designer Vita Kin who decided to give the traditional vyshyvanka a modern twist. Midi length, the current trend, along with no less trendy embroidery referring to the 70-s epoch and wide sleeves – and here we go, the main trend of this summer is on the way!

Ordering apparels from Vita Kin’s Instagram has become so popular that the mighty Net-a-Porter got interested in the brand, and it came up trumps: the first bunch of vyshyvanky were sold like the hotcakes in half an hour. Now, all we need to do is to wait until the new supply comes in September. However, Vita makes an impression of a free artist who does not care about pleasing everyone. “All I want to do is lie on the beach on a sunny day, make up the new models of vyshyvanky, and sell them via Instagram. My conditions are: 100% prepay, 21 days of waiting, delivery payment, and only two size options,” Kin told during her interview for Playing Fashion. The last summer month is close, so the noted fashionistas will do what it takes to get the object of their desire. Waiting for the new Instagram reports!

Source: BURO 24/7

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