Vita Kin’s Interview for Playing Fashion

Vita Kin’s Interview for Playing Fashion

Vita Kins Interview for Playing Fashion

The Ukrainian photographer and designer Vita Kin has gained a worldwide popularity due to her collection of the original vyshyvanky under the name of “Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin”. Authentic dresses, blouses, and overalls, issued under the slogan Chic Nationale, caused a furor among Kiev’s fashionistas, and not only them – Vita receives a great number of orders from all over the world. This June, the designer went to New York with her husband Roman Kindrachuk to take part in a photoset for the digital magazine Playing Fashion and tell about her life, beauty secrets, and art in an honest interview to the magazine. See the material prepared by BESTIN.UA to see where’d it go.

Vita Kin’s Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin has gained a special recognition among the VIP’s of her native country, as well as abroad. Among the brand’s followers is Ukraine’s first lady, Maryna Poroshenko, who appeared on the cover of September issue of the Ukrainian ELLE in the designer’s red vyshyvanka. “Vita-phenomenon,” such is the commentary on the heroine’s choice made by the first editor and main inspirer of Playing Fashion, Robert Mishchenko. “I’ve been keeping up with her personal fashion for a long time. It stands out from the things that can be seen in Kyiv, and after Vita has made the line of vyshyvanky, it has ended my doubts. Initially, we were planning to make a photoset this January, when she was going to go to Miami, but then we finally decided to postpone this activity until her next visit to America. And it is just amazing how she managed to gain thousands of fans and hundreds of clients all over the world in a span of half a year. The photoset took place in New York, with a Ukrainian team. Only the make-up artist, Stephanie Peterson, is an American. The photographer, Jens Ingvarsson, is Ukrainian with Swedish origins, and Alexandra Nesterchuk, the hairdresser, is from Kyiv; she has been living in the USA for 20 years already, working with the VIPs of fashion: Irina Shayk, Anna Vialitsina, Natasha Poly, and Nasiba Abdilova.

The material of the Ukrainian-American magazine starts in a relaxed narrative manner, "Miss Kin is 44, she is pleasant in all aspects: straightforward, with an inflexible personal opinion, and sharp-witted. It is especially interesting to work with her. Her personal style is cool and relaxed: imagine an A-line coat with flat sandals or traditional Ukrainian tunics with Mary-Jane. International buyers call at the time, proposing a partnership. ‘I tell them all they have to wait until October,’ Vita says in her ‘I-don’t-care’ manner. Surely, one cannot imagine the same situation with any other Ukrainian designer. Along with this, she has two full-scale productions, but even this is not enough to satisfy the entire demand. Demonstrating flawless tan after a vacation in Miami, sipping Moet & Chandon, brought to the studio by her husband Roman Kindrachuk, Vita makes comments regarding everything and tells us about her new line of apparel, her approach to beauty, and shares her thought on all things Ukrainian.”

On style and beauty

I have no time to dress up when I’m in Kiev, and my style is never “too fancy.” I wake up, dress, prepare to work, and leave the house, but when I'm having rest, I feel like wearing something beautiful. I keep dreaming about how I’ll be walking in all these precious clothes over some warm and sunny place… To be honest, I prefer travelling with little luggage, so I rarely wear these amazing dresses from my wardrobe; it’s because I work a lot and prefer comfortable clothes. As for beauty, I do not spend much time in beauty shops, like other girls do. My beauty routine is very simple: I use La Mer creme. And that’s all. I also have a good French doctor who makes me botox injections once in 4 months. I am not ashamed of this, and I really prefer doing this one time and then forgetting about it to spending much time for the massage.  

On the creation of VYSHYVANKA BY VITA KIN

Last year, a prophetess in New York advised me to concentrate on something instead of trying to do all things at a time. And I thought, “What can be the thing that people all over the world would want to buy like a hotcake?” I love ornamenting, so I got an idea to make sweaters. I ordered 200 pounds of best Italian cashmere, paid for it, created ornaments along with an illustrator, but when I sent the sketches and technical requirements to the local factory, it turned out they cannot do what I want. Despite this, I decided to make simple, bright sweaters with good geometric ornaments, but as they entered into production, I met a person who was amazing at embroidering. Thus, the idea of vyshyvanky was born. The happiest day was when I got a call from the factory, and they said all my bright sweaters were accidentally dyed black. I took them away and wasn’t even mad at the factory, I just forgot about sweaters and adjusted my idea to the fabric. Ukrainian flax is very high-quality, and for the embroidery, I use the finest threads from Germany; this is my formula.

On the creation of a fashion empire

Do I want to build a fashion empire? Of course, no! What I want to do is to lie on the beach on a warm, sunny day and sell my vyshyvanky via Instagram. My conditions are: 100% prepay, 21 days of waiting, the customer pays for the shipping, and only two size options. I am not really interested in anything else. I do not want to waste my time on creating new clothes.

On the love to Ukraine

I love Ukraine and love Ukrainians, I love the culture – these incredible popular songs and traditions and language, but it doesn’t mean I have to stay in the country all the time. I can be Ukrainian wherever I want.

Source: BESTIN

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