Closet Close Up With Mochi Dubai

Closet Close Up With Mochi Dubai

Ayah Tabari was impressed with the difference between cultures and ethic styles since she was a little girl. This is not surprising as Ayah was born in Riyadh though being an ethic Palestinian, spent her childhood in Amman, later educated in London and finally moved to Dubai. Particularly here she launched her already popular label Mochi!

The latter is stocked in Valleydez and S*uce. Tabari gets inspiration from various exotic countries and nationalities. For instance her last visit to Thailand and India encouraged her to appear in the amazing ripped Levi shorts and signature Mochi jacket. This pair of fashionable clothes has a boho chic air so typical to Ayah Tabari! According to this designer, she wears this or than outfit depending on her mood. And judging by the latest success with her first collection, she has enough reasons to be on high mood!

Ayah Tabari is glad to tell about her family home and demonstrate her possessions. A mere glance at her home interior is enough to realize how close this woman is to arts. Looking around we observe plenty of embroidery, color and fabrics. Each trip Ayah has made has a proof via lovely trinkets. Meanwhile the fresh flower pots placed in all free space of her house spread amazingly pleasant aroma that makes you fall in love with the home the moment you feel it. As India greatly inspired this artist in creating her first collection, Ayah is greatly proud to demonstrate her little Buddha figurine and share with the emotions got from her travel across Jaipur. Sharing a little secret with us about her second collection planned to be launched in October 2016, Ayah also tells her great experience got from Tailand. All that we can do now, is to wait excitedly till we can enjoy the upcoming gorgeous collection!

Ayah Tabari's beauty secret lies in her choice of cosmetics. She prefers to have a light make up during the day using some concealer, bronzer and a bit of mascara. Meanwhile her evening makeup is greatly brighter with a special accent on a bright lipstick. Ayah loves her impressive collection of the brightest and most colorful lipsticks.

Is Ayah Tabari a bargain hunter? Well, she is definitely a vintage addict! Once Ayah is in London, visiting Spitalfields market and Portobello is a must! The ASOS is also counted to her list of shops while Zara has attracted Ayah only recently.

Does Ayah Tabari have a style icon? Nicole Richie is definitely one of Ayah Tabari's favorites!

What concerns certain treasured pieces Ayah Tabari is proud of, she showcases some jewels bought from India and a handmade jacket obtained during her trip to Thailand.

Among Ayah Tabari's favorite stores, we can mention the Level Shoe District, Socialista, Bambah Vintage, S*uce and Harvey Nichols all in Dubai, as well as Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Anyway, the 21 is a timeless actual store for Ayah when obtaining T-shirts. Ayah has also recently begun discovering and admiring Zara clothes.

The wardrobe of Ayah is composed of simple T-shirts, plenty of jeans and gym clothes. Gina is her favorite destination for shoes. She greatly appreciates flat shoes for their practicality yet is sure that every woman must have silver, black and beige heels in her wardrobe!


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