Ayah Tabari is far not a simple average girl. She is a very talented and creative fashion designer who has founded the popular fashion label Mochi.

Ayah takes inspiration from various silhouettes and run away looks while she is traveling across exotic countries. Later she impregnates all her impressions with additional embroidered details fulfilled by various small communities all around the world. Women form Hungary, Thailand and Palestine not only get the chance to earn their own money through their embroidery work, but also preserve all the artisanal traditions typical particularly to their regions. This is Ayah Tabari's aim and she successfully reaches it each time a woman wears a model by Mochi label.

There are no two alike pieces in Ayah Tabari's collection. Each model she works on requires much work, devotion and love. There is no sense and possibility to create two identical items, as each is a separate work of art for this artist! Ayah offers adorning any simple white dress with hand embroidery flowers, any black outfit with a colorful pocketbook or a simple black dress with a luxury embroidery over the entire back.

Ayah Tabari has presented her gorgeous designs during such prominent events as Dubai's biggest fashion week and Fashion Forward. All her wares which are magnificent combinations of modern style and exceptional artisanal touches, were shown both in the garden display area and on the catwalk.

Today Mochi is quite a popular and demanded brand. The world's capitals are proud to demonstrate Mochi models in their fashionable stores. For instance there are pretty many designs by Mochi presented in London's Dover Street Market. Moreover, Mochi label has gained a celebrity following with Rita Ora, Cara Develigne and her sister Poppy wearing amazing embroidery clothes created by talented Ayah Tabari.

Surely its is highly difficult to have enough celebrities wearing the clothes you are producing. That is why Ayah Tabari has concentrated on attracting Blake Lively as a supporting face of her design collection. We shall be very glad to see Blake Lively help to preserve and develop the amazing Palestinian artisan traditions through the gorgeous collection with Ayah Tabari's signature Mochi! She has brought a new breath to old embroidery traditions. Mochi has already started her right way towards worldwide recognition and is firmly standing on its feet! Palestinian artisan traditions will be kept alive as long as any woman in the world wears a Mochi jacket!


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