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Ukrainian Dress Dubai

Embroidery has been an impressive part of Ukrainian decorative art for long centuries and it still remains a highly popular and widespread hobby for the greatest part of Ukrainian women. Ukrainian embroidery catches eye with the diversity of designs and ornamentation, as well as bold and captivating colors. Every region of Ukraine has passed through different stages of development eventually gaining individual ornamental compositions and motifs, types of stitches and favorite colors.

Modern Approach

However, nowadays the most talented Ukrainian embroiders take a risk and combine the styles of different regions thus creating something new and extraordinary. Having a glance at the luxury Ukrainian embroidery Dubai fashion store presents, you will clearly observe the whole impact on it by surrounding nature, poetical perception of the world, religion and rural life. The mere names given to embroidery elements and ornamental motifs such as "nightingale's-eye", "ram's-horns" or "periwinkle" are enough to imagine how beautiful and at the same time symbolizing the entire art of Ukrainian embroidery is! Modern artists represent the traditional embroidery from a new fascinating angle!

Ukrainian Embroidery in Dubai

Ukrainian embroidery has brought the cloth fashion into a new level! With either delicate and soft or bold and audacious embroidery motives, every Ukrainian dress Dubai fashion store offers looks incredibly unique and attractive! Simply choose the one that best suits your character and style and become a particle of the powerful fashion world!