Yuliya Magdych

Yuliya Magdych is a popular clothing designer who has got great fame in the industry due to providing amazing dresses with Ukrainian unique embroidery. Mastering all Ukrainian embroidery techniques, as well as having an infinite imagination and exceptional sense of taste, this fabulous designer has succeeded in capturing millions of women's approval all over the world. This woman features a vibrant personal style and an admirable passion to rethink Ukrainian national costume aesthetics. She has made it a life goal to deliver the unique Ukrainian traditional fashion to every corner of this huge world. Yuliya has created her won fashion brand and delivers her exquisite dresses to different countries.


Dubai is one of the numerous destinations for Yuliya Magdych's fashionable dresses. Today the brand Yuliya Magdych Dubai store is proud to introduce to its customers is sure to magnetize any woman with its bold patterns, energetic and rich colors, fine fabrics and delicate Ukrainian embroidery.

Cruise Collection
The new Cruise Collection by Magdych is sure to fascinate you. This collection includes fashionable summer dresses and caftans in turquoise, orange, fresh grass and ripe plum. All this is accompanied with unique embroidery.

Velvet Collection
Yuliya always seeks inspiration within the most powerful and fatal women of all times. Marie Antoinette, Slavic princesses and Beau Brummel deeply impressed Yuliya for her new Velvet Collection designed in emerald, burgundy, deep gray, scarlet and purple colors with luxury Ukrainian embroidery.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items